Frequently Asked Questions



General information and getting started

  1. What Is The Purpose Of
    The purpose of is to assist people to find a relationship with a Lebanese partner.
  2. Why Should I Join?
    We are the only online religious Social Network for singles of Lebanese Christian descent. If you want to get married and establish a Christian family with a Christian partner you have come to the right place.
  3. I Am Not Lebanese or Christian Can I Still Join?
    Yes, if you are interested to know about Christianity about the Lebanese Community and the love and warmth of our Lord Jesus Christ are welcome to join.
  4. I Don't Have An Email
    There are many different companies that offer free e-mail accounts. One of the most popular is Hotmail. To open a FREE e-mail account with Hotmail go to and follow the simple instructions, then return to our site and register.
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Account/Personal Information

  1. I Can't Remember My Nickname and/or Password. How Can I Find It Again?
    Click on the Forgot Password link on the homepage of the site then enter your email address you submitted to us during registration in the Forgot Your Password box. An email will automatically be sent to that email address with the information of your login name and password.
  2. How Do I Change My Email Address or Password?
    Click on My Profile link and then click on Edit Profile link. Then click on 'Edit Confidential Information" link and then click on "Password" link or "Email Address".
  3. What Is The Status Of My Account?
    Your account status is free and goes in effect as soon as you confirm your email address and your profile is approved by our administration. If you are a Gold member you can see your account status by clicking on "My Settings" link and then, "Account Information" link.
  4. What is Auto-Renew?
    Lebanese Christian will charge your credit card or paypal account each month if you decided to do month to month membership or each 3 or 6 months if you decided to do packages. You can deactivate Auto-Renew, by clicking on "My Settings" link and then "Account Information" link and then "Cancel Subscription" link. You must deactivate auto-renew before your designated billing date in order not to be charged.
  5. How Do I cancel Or Modify Billing?
    Once you login into your account, click on 'My Settings' link, and then 'Account Information' link. There you can cancel auto renew ( cancel Subscription) and/or modify billing.
  6. In The Event I Subscribe To A 3 Month Gold Membership Package And At The End Of One Month I Want To End My Subscription, Can I Recoup The Remaining Two Months Of Money I Paid?
    No, we do not pro-rate your subscription. If you contact Lebanese Christian Hearts to end your subscription after the first month, you have elected to forfeit the remaining months of your subscription. Lebanese Christian Hearts will end your subscription but will not reimburse you for the unused time.
  7. If I End My Subscription Will I Be Able To Send and Receive Messages?
    You do not need to be a Gold Member to receive messages; However, You will not be able to reply to emails you receive.

Membership Types and Benefits

  1. What Is A Gold Membership?
    A Gold Membership allows you to send messages to as many Gold (paid) or Standard (non-paid) members on this site.You do not have to be a Gold Member to receive or read messages. Standard members can read first email but cannot reply.
  2. Do I Need A Gold Membership To Reply To A Message I Received On The Site?
    You need to be a Gold member to reply to messages and chat with other members.
  3. How Do I Become A Gold Member?
    To become a Gold member simply click on the Upgrade link that is on the left side of your menu bar. And follow the payment method.


  1. Is It Really Free?
    Yes, you get Standard Membership for free: free registration, free photo submission, free searching of member's profiles and free receipt of messages, free music. However, if you want to contact members you will need to become a Gold member.
  2. Why Is It Free?
    Standard Membership for our Internet services will always be free, so that you can trial the service. You also have the option of upgrading your standard membership to Gold Membership which allows you to use other exciting features. You can either upgrade your membership to Gold, or alternately you can continue to use the Standard Membership facilities free of charge.
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Profile/Account Settings

  1. How Do I Delete My Profile?
    You may delete your account from the site at any time by logging into your account and then click on my account link than Delete Account link. Your account will be gone for good and cannot be reinstated. If you are a Gold Member, your membership will be lost. Instead of deleting your account, you may elect to Hide it, making it available to you, but not to other members.
  2. How Do I Hide My Profile?
    You may hide your profile from other members at any time, as you log into your account you can click on "Hide" link. Once hidden, your account will not be visible to other members, but you will still be able to make any edits to it and even send mail if you are a Gold Member.
  3. How Do I Unhide Or Show My Profile?
    To Unhide or Show your Profile, login to your account and click on "Show" link.
  4. My Profile Is Not Appearing In The Search Results. What's Wrong?
    Assuming you have already created your profile, there are two reasons why your profile may not be appearing in the search results: 1. Your profile/account status is hidden. It must be in shown status to be appearing in the search result. To show your profile go to MyHome link and click on "Show" link 2. Your account status is in Pending approval that means it needs to be approved by the administration before appearing to other searchers (this never takes longer than 24 hours).
  5. How can I see who has viewed my profile?
    To see who has viewed your profile, click on MyHome link and then on "See Detailed Activities" link and then scroll down to "Members Who Looked At You profile" and click on that link

Email Notifications

  1. Why Am I Not Receiving Flirts And New Mail Notifications In My Email?
    In all likelihood your Junk Filter(s) only allows you to receive e-mail from addresses appearing in your Contacts, service announcements from your email service provider, and messages you have consented to receive. By relaxing your filters, or by explicitly allowing messages coming from to be delivered to your account, you should be able to receive your notification alerts for new messages and flirts.

Instant Messenger

  1. What Do I Need To Use The Instant Messenger?
    3 things are necessary to use the Instant Messenger: 1. You must have Flash installed on your computer. 2. You must have your pop-up blocker disabled. 3. You must have javascript enabled on your browser.
  2. How Do I Appear Online So That Others Can Chat With Me?
    In order for someone to initiate an Instant Messenger conversation with you, they must see that you are online. When you are online, your will appear in the online link and "Private Chat Now" icon appears on your profile action box. When you login to your profile, you automatically appear online.
  3. How Can I Use The Site Without Appearing Online To Others?
    In order to NOT appear online, you can click on "Offline" link that is on the top left hand side of your screen after login to your account.
  4. How Can I Initiate A Conversation With Someone I See Online?
    To initiate a conversation you must be a Gold Member. Members who are online, you can click on the "Chat Now" icon on someone's profile to initiate chat.
  5. Can I See The Who is Online Without Appearing Online?
    Yes, if you set your profile on Hide, you will not appear in the list.
  6. Why Do I Get A Blank Window When Trying To Chat With Someone?
    This is most likely due to the fact that Flash is not installed on your system. To get a free copy of Flash, please visit Macromedia
  7. My Instant Messenger chat window won't finish loading. What should I do?
    Sometimes, your computer may have trouble completely downloading the Instant Messenger chat window. It will not load beyond a certain point. To clear up this problem, you need to clear your cache (delete your Temporary Internet Files). In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options and click the Delete button in the Temporary Internet Files box. In Firefox, go to Tools > Options, and on the Privacy tab, click "Clear" next to Cache.

Anonymity and Privacy

  1. Are The Messages I Send To Other Members Anonymous?
    Yes. We preserve your privacy by delivering your messages through our system. None of your personal information (real name, email address, date of birth) is divulged to other members. You may choose to do so at your own discretion.
  2. How Can I View Someone's Profile Without Appearing In Their Members Who Viewed Your Profile List?
    Hide your profile. While your profile is hidden, the system does not keep track of the profiles you are viewing.

Communicating With Other Members

  1. I've Found Somebody I Would Like To Contact. How Can I Contact Them?
    You must be a Gold Member to chat and send messages to other members.
  2. How do I know If I have New Messages In My Mailbox?
    Each time a member sends you mail, you will be notified by email - this is only applicable if the e-mail address supplied to us at the time of registration is valid and available to you. Upon receipt of the "New Mail" notification, simply log on to the website using your "nickname" and "password" and click on "Go to Inbox".
  3. How Do I Read My Mail?
    'Go to Inbox' link. New mail will appear in your In Box along with the date and time it was sent.
  4. How Do I Send Mail?
    First, you need to create a free profile. Secondly, you need to become a Gold Member - once these two items have been completed, search profiles at your leisure and contact a member by clicking "Send A Message" link in members profile
  5. How Do I Know If My E-Mail Was read?
    Go to your inbox and click on 'Sent' link on top of the screen. If the envelope is open next to the email you sent, then your message has been read and received.
  6. Can I Include My Personal E-Mail Address in the e-mail body to Another Member?
    Yes, but you do not have to do so. The person you are writing to will be able to reply to your email.
  7. What If I Write Members And Do Not Receive Responses?
    While there is no certain answer to this question, there could be any number of reasons for this. A member may not be responding because they have not been active on the site for a while; perhaps they found someone or have been too busy. Another possibility is that the member may not think that the match will work and has not replied. You can tell if a member has opened your mail if the envelope in your sent page has been opened. If they have read your mail but not responded, do not take it personally. It' not worth stressing about. There are plenty of other great people to meet on the site.
  8. Why Doesn't My Instant Messenger Work?
    3 things are necessary to use the Instant Messenger: 1. You must have Flash installed on your computer, 2. You must have your pop-up blocker disabled, 3. You must have javascript enabled on your browser.
  9. What Are Flirts?
    Flirts are a way for members to let you know that they are interested in you. You do not need to be a Gold member to send a flirt.
  10. How Do I send A Flirt To Someone?
    To send a flirt to someone click on Send A Flirt link in the member's profile. Once done, your flirt will be sent.
  11. How Do I Know Who Sent Me A Flirt?
    When a member sends you a Flirt, you will be notified by email - this is only applicable if the e-mail address supplied to us at the time of registration is valid and available to you. Upon receipt of the Flirt notification, simply log on to the website using your "nickname" and "password" and click on "My Home" link and then click on "See Who" link for Members Who Sent You A Flirt
  12. How Do I Block A User From Contacting Me?
    To prevent an offensive or annoying person from contacting you, go to that member's profile and click on the 'Block User' link. The next time they attempt to send you a message they will be notified that you have blocked them and no longer wish to receive correspondence from them.
  13. How Do I Unblock A User?
    To start accepting messages from someone you have blocked, go to My Home and then click on "See Detailed Activities" link and click on to "members you have blocked" link. Check the box of that member and click on unblock.

Reporting Abuse

  1. How Do I Report An Abusive Member?
    On each members profile there is a Report User Icon. You can report a member by clicking on that icon.
  2. If I Report A Member Will My Information Be Revealed To The Abuser?
    No, all reports are anonymous. So you can rest assure that your information is safe.

Chatting and Video Chats

  1. How do I send Instant Message To A Member?
    Simply go to member's profile and click on 'Private Chat Now' Icon
  2. How Do I Create A New Chat Room?
    Go to the chat room and press the 'New Room' button located on the top right of the chat window. Then insert the name of the name in the pop up box.
  3. How Do I Install A Webcam Into My Computer?
    He most common way is load the camera software drivers and then plug-in your USB camera into your computer USB port.
  4. How Do I Voice And Video Chat With Other Members?
    Click on private chat window and then click on open video counsel and hit allow. the 'A/V Settings' then configure the microphone and camera to work with the chat by selecting the appropriate hardware from your computer.


  1. What is Favorites?
    Profiles or members you have saved because they were of interest to you will go to your favorite list.
  2. How Do I Add A Member To My Favorites?
    Visit the member's profile and click on Add to Fave link
  3. How Do I Delete A Member From My Favorites?
    Go to my account click on Detailed Activities link then look for Members you have Added to your Favorite box. Check the member you want to delete from your favorite and then click on Delete.
  4. How Many Members Can I Have In My Favorites?
    You may save as many members as you would like in your favorites.
  5. How Long Will Members Remain In My Favorites?
    Members will remain in your favorites list until you decide to delete them.
  6. Do I Have To Be A Gold Member To Add Members To My Favorites?
    No, but you do have to be a standard (free) member.
  7. How Can I See Who Has Added Me To Their Favorites?
    Click on my account link, click on Detailed Activities link and scroll down to the Members who added you to their favorites box.


  1. How Do I Post My Free Profile?
    click on Join Now For Free link in the main page and fill out the profile questionnaire. It is that simple!
  2. How Do I Update My Profile?
    Edit your profile as often as you like. To edit your profile, go to My profile link and then click on Edit Profile link and there you can edit your information and about your ideal match information as well.
  3. What Are The Profile Guidelines?
    Our Customer Care team reviews every profile to increase your chances of meeting quality matches. We also rank our member profiles to ensure the most complete and thorough profiles place highest in search results. We may reject profiles that contain any of the following: * Abusive language of any kind, including vulgarity, racism, illegal activity, etc; * Any direct contact information, including email addresses, URLs, ICQ/instant messenger IDs, phone numbers, full names, addresses, etc (such contact information can result in a termination of a membership and/or subscription with no refund). * Unauthorized use of copyrighted or trademarked material; business or political advertisements or solicitations; material that exploits or solicits personal information from individuals under the age of 18; and overt solicitation for sex or descriptions of sexual activity, anatomy, etc; solicitation of multiple or additional partners. * We do not accept content from incarcerated individuals or individuals under the age of 18.
  4. Why Am I Not Getting Many Responses?
    If you don't already have a photo, add one today. Our statistics show that profiles with photos are more likely to receive responses. Also be sure you're checking for responses at the email address you gave us when you registered for the site. If you're not receiving any responses, you may have a "Spamguard" in place that is preventing email from reaching you. Check with your service provider.
  5. How Can I See Who Has Looked At My Profile?
    Once you log into your account click My Account Link and then Detailed Activities link and scroll down to Member who viewed your profile box.


  1. Why Should I Add My Profile Photo?
    Other singles are much more likely to look at a profile if it includes your photo. It's a known fact.
  2. What Are The Guidelines For Posting A Photo?
    We want to create a safe, fun and relaxed environment. Having said this, we reserve the right to reject or modify any photo at our discretion. Photos will only appear on the site after they have been approved by the administration. Please follow these photo guidelines:
  3. You must appear in your photos
    * Photos of cartoon characters or celebrities are copyrighted and are not permitted. Photos of natures, abstract and animals/pets are not permitted. * Pornography obscenity, sexual or otherwise offensive photos, photos with weapons and political icons or symbols will not be posted. * Image files should be no bigger than 200K.
  4. How Do I Add A Photo In My Profile?
    To Upload a photo, click on Photos link then click on browser to select the photo you would like to upload. Once uploaded and give your photo a title in the title box.
  5. How Many Photos Can I Add In My Profile?
    You can upload a maximum of 20 photos in your profile.
  6. What Is Private Photos?
    Private photos are used to upload your photos that you would like to share with your friends or certain people only. Unlike your profile photos where everybody can see your photos, members have to ask for access to view your private photos. It is up to you to give them access to view your private photos.
  7. How Can I Upload Photos Into My Private Photos?
    Click on photo and on the right hand side there is a link called Private photos. Click on private photos link andthen click on browser to select the photo you would like to upload. Once uploaded and give your photo a title in the title box.You Must have at least one profile photo to be able to upload private photos.
  8. How Many Photos Can I upload In My Private Photos?
    You can upload a maximum of 20 photos in your private photos.
  9. How Can I Tell If A Member Has Private Photos?
    When you go to a member's profile, above the member's photo there are two tabs one that has the number of profile photos and the other that has the number of private photo. If a member has a number 1 or more in the private photo then that member has private photos and you can request access to view their private photo.
  10. How Can I Get Access To Members Private Photos?
    To get access to private photo go to members profile and click on private photo link. And then click on Submit Request link. An email will be sent to the member and it is up to them to give you access to their private photos.
  11. How Do I know That Such Member Gave Me Access To His/Her Private Photo?
    An Email notification will be sent to you stating that such member gave you access to his/her private photo.
  12. How Can I Tell If A Member Requested Access To My Private Photo?
    Once you click on My Account link, in recent Activites Box you will see if there is a request for private photos. Another way to tell is that an email notification will be sent to you that Such member requested access to your private photo. It is up to you to give them access.
  13. How Do I Take Away My Private Photo Access From A Member?
    To take away your private photo access from a member, simply go to my account link and then click on 'Detailed Activities' and then scroll down to 'Members You Gave Access To Your Private Photos ' link then Check mark the member and then click on Delete Private Photo Access link.


  1. How do I record videos to my profile?
    To record a video to you profile, go my profile link and click on Record Profile Video link. Please note that you webcam has to be installed to be able to record videos. The most common way to install a webcam into your computer is to load the camera software drivers and then plug-in your USB camera into your computer USB port.


  1. How Do I Perform A Detailed Search?
    Click on Members link and then Click on Advanced Search link Start searching with the following criteria country, state, zip code, age and gender. Then narrow your search with physical characteristics and lifestyles. Play around and try a variety of searches.
  2. Why Am I Not Getting Many Search Results From My Detailed Search?
    Detailed search narrows your search and the results are not as many as undetailed search. To get more results you have to broaden your search.


  1. Is It Safe?
    Your safety and confidentiality is our primary concern. operates using a confidential e-mail system to ensure that your identity remains anonymous. In this way your e-mail address and all contact details are concealed. (Contact is via a Membership Number and we forward your mail anonymously to your e-mail address). You only choose to reveal your identity or any other personal contact details, if and when you are sure that you want to. In order to help you stay safe we have also compiled some basic safety tips on our pages.
  2. Are Members Screened?
    Lebanese Christian Hearts LLC operates on an anonymous e-mail system where members' identity is concealed, therefore it is impossible to screen applicants. However, before revealing any information about yourself to other members we advise to practice our safety tips guidelines.
  3. How Should I Communicate With A Member?
    Communication should begin via email and/or chatting. When communicating with someone new, we suggest you keep an open mind; nevertheless, we recommend you be wary of odd behavior or inconsistencies. The person at the other end may or may not be who or what he/she says. Trust your instincts!
  4. When Should I Reveal My Email Address And/or Phone Number?
    All correspondence between our site members takes place via our double-blind system ensuring< your true identity is protected until such time as you decide to reveal it. Never include your last name, email address, home address, phone number, place of work or any other identifying info in your profile or initial messages. Remember to start slowly, develop rapport and when and if you feel at ease with the situation that will be the time to offer your email address and/or phone number.
  5. What Degree Of Caution Should I Exercise?
    Your safety should always be your number one priority. Whether you are going on a blind date set up by your friend or you are still communicating with some members through our service, it is always wise to refer to and use our safety tips guidelines.
  6. Should I Communicate On The Phone With A Person Of Interest?
    A lot can be learned about a person's communication and social skills through a telephone conversation. Remember your security and do not give your personal phone number to a stranger. Instead, try a cell phone number or use the local telephone blocking service to prevent your number from showing in caller ID. Only furnish your phone number when you feel good about the situation.
  7. When Should I Have A Face-To- Face Meeting?
    The advantage of meeting and relating online is that you can gradually collect information, choosing later to develop the relationship in the offline world. You have no obligation to meet anyone, regardless of the level of online intimacy. You always have the right to cancel a meeting should you have a change of heart/mind. It is possible that your desire to keep the online relationship anonymous is the result of some underlying feeling that this just doesn't feel "right". Trust yourself and your instincts!
  8. What Personality Traits And Behaviors Should I Attempt To Avoid?
    We recommend that you should beware of the following: displays of anger; intense frustration; attempts to pressure/control you; passive-aggressive behavior; demeaning or disrespectful comments/actions; inconsistent information regarding age, interests, appearance, marital status, profession, employment; and evasion of direct questions.
  9. Where Should Our First Meeting take Place?
    Remember safety precautions For your first meeting, we advise that you meet in a very public place with lots of human traffic, e.g., a busy restaurant or coffee house. Leave your phone number with a friend or family member and your destination. Also, leave the name and phone number of the person you are to meet. The best time of day to meet is lunch time. Provide your own transportation and never get into the car of your date nor let him/her into your car on the first date. Should you decide to change locations during the first date, take your own car alone. If you happen to like your date, feel free to arrange another meeting. If you are coming from another city arrange your own transportation and hotel. Call your date from the hotel or meet at a previously agreed on location. Should the location seem inappropriate or unsafe, just return to your hotel. And remember...Always make sure a friend or family member knows your plans and have your cell phone with you at all times.


  1. What Policies Must I Follow While Using The Site?
    Please review the policies described in our Terms of Use
  2. How Does The Site Handle My Personal Information?
    We respect your privacy and do what we can to protect it. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.